The Loughborough Community Centre is a 2-4 storey development in the centre of Brixton. An area with a history of crime and drugs, the locality has been improving rapidly with community initiatives and regeneration projects.

The project was to reinforce this trend through the development of a new community centre and the provision of 30 one- and two-bedroom flats. This would replace the previous centre, which had reached a state of dilapidation and had been abandoned.

There was widespread support within the local community for the scheme and close liaison was maintained by the practice with community members through regular attendance at the Brixton Area Forum.

The design was developed as a rectangular building, enclosing a secure courtyard to the Centre for café, crèche and sports facilities. The lower roofs feature a sedum-covered ‘green’ finish, which enhances the view from the overlooking flats.

The project was constructed under the project partnering scheme PPC 2000 with ROK Llewellyn.